Brisket for the GoodeGuy Crew

It was when Allison discovered her love for cooking and baking that she and her husband decided to remodel the kitchen. They knew it was going to be a big undertaking, so they invited a contractor they knew from a previous project to the house to have a look. But the big WOW was when they talked with GoodeGuy Construction and saw their new kitchen emerge in just 10 days!

“It can be overwhelming to make all the design decisions for a brand-new kitchen,” Allison says. When the contractor came over and shared his plans for the new design – it wasn’t much different from what was already there. He wanted their thoughts on his design ideas, and frankly, they didn’t have any. It was also hard to shake the reality that it would likely be 3-4 months before the project would be completed.

Did you know that the national average for a kitchen remodel is three months?

Allison thinks it was probably a Google search that led her to GoodeGuy Construction. When they talked with Scott at GoodeGuy, it was completely different. “He made the design choices easy. He asked a few questions about preferences and then showed us which colors, textures, and materials worked well together.” Having specific design choices that fit together really narrowed down the selection process. 

Did you know GoodeGuy doesn’t only remodel, they offer design expertise as well?

The timeframe was an additional WOW for Allison – the kitchen would be finished in 10 days. Scott explained that they use the efficient and professional process of 3Day Kitchen & Bath to do the prep work ahead of time (ordering cabinets, countertops, materials, and lining up tools), so that when the crew shows up, they can work without delay. When the meeting was over, Allison says she was elated!

Drag the slider to the left (before) and then to the right (after).

The GoodeGuy Crew worked in their home for 10 days – while Allison and her husband stayed onsite. Some clients choose to let GoodeGuy provide housing during renovations, but Allison says they wanted to remain home – and she enjoyed getting to know the crew!

“The crew was kind and friendly. They loved on the dogs and communicated when they would be staying late or arriving early.” 

Once the kitchen was done, she made a brisket for the crew in the new kitchen to celebrate! “Since they did all the work, they deserved the first meal made in the kitchen.” Apple harvest on their acreage was in full swing when the kitchen was complete, and she was in heaven baking pies and everything apple in her new kitchen! 

The GoodeGuy Crew

Did you know GoodeGuy follows an efficient and professional process on all their jobs?

Instead of dropping off a dumpster and then showing up when it’s convenient for the contractor, GoodeGuy does the prep work ahead of time and shows up to get the work done on time, on budget, satisfaction guaranteed! It worked for Allison and her new kitchen!

Thank you Allison for sharing your story! We love that you enjoy your new kitchen and find ways to share with others!

What is your story? We would love to hear about your project with GoodeGuy and how your home was transformed! Leave a comment here or Send us a message with “Customer Stories” in the subject line and we will be sure to contact you.

on time | on budget | satisfaction guaranteed

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