Scott Goode, GoodeGuy Construction Inc.

I am Scott Goode, the owner of GoodeGuy Construction, located in Lincoln, Nebraska. I studied construction management at John Brown University. Just out of college, when most of my peers went to work for commercial companies doing larger projects, I chose to go into the residential side of the industry.

What’s Important

It was when I was working for a remodeling company that I realized sales and estimating was what I enjoyed the most. Even though new construction can be a more straightforward process, it was remodeling that made the most sense to me. No matter the state of the economy, remodeling would be a good choice for families, and I was driven to give customers the attention they needed, the service they deserved, and the very best price.

The Beginning

When the company decided to make changes in their business structure that didn’t seem best for customers, I started thinking about starting something new. A friend from church and I talked about starting our own remodeling company–and the time seemed right. On April Fool’s Day, in 1992, GoodeGuy Construction was born! We had decided to take a few days to think about names for our company — and when we got back together — we both proposed the same one! Goode for my name and Guy for his! We decided it was meant to be.

3-5 Days

It was 2005 when I discovered 3 Day Kitchen & Bath. The business model was the best I had ever seen (and still is). One of the biggest hesitations to beginning a kitchen or bath remodel is the time it takes, right? The national average for a bath is 6 weeks, and a kitchen is 3 months! That’s a serious inconvenience to deal with. I needed a way to make a remodel project work better for customers – easier and quicker.

The whole concept of 3 Day Kitchen & Bath is an ingenious process that combines professionalism, efficiency and great service for the customer. It gives me great satisfaction and fulfillment to be able to provide this service to our community. It is a win-win situation for all! I would love to talk with you about it!

Come and see

Follow our blog to learn more about what we are doing for our community! We will be sharing before & after stories of kitchens, bathrooms, and other remodeling projects. We will be introducing our team, and sharing ideas for design. We want to help you get to know us by keeping you up to date on the good things we are building in Lincoln, Nebraska!

Let’s talk soon!

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