It’s a Family Business

It’s time to introduce Jordan Goode, of GoodeGuy Construction. I sat with both Jordan and Scott to talk about how they operate their construction company together and what they enjoy about delivering quality professional remodeling services in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Jordan Goode | GoodeGuy Construction, Inc.

Choosing GoodeGuy

Jordan joined his Dad and GoodeGuy Construction in 2014. He grew up with GoodeGuy Construction and has always been a part of the business on some level. He remembers being dropped off at job sites to work with the crew before he could drive, and the Shop was always just a few steps away from the house.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in construction management from the University of Nebraska Omaha, he began working for a building contractor as an assistant project manager. But it wasn’t long before he considered joining his Dad at GoodeGuy, where his hours could be more flexible and he could focus on the things he enjoyed the most — design, selling, and putting jobs together.

Jordan’s first role was running 3 Day Kitchen & Bath in Omaha, Nebraska, where he offered the same “floor to ceiling” remodeling services that his Dad had in Lincoln. Business went well and both Jordan and Scott learned a lot through the experience. In 2020, GoodeGuy sold the Omaha business so he and his Dad could work closer together to meet the growing demand for exceptional remodeling work in the Lincoln area.

The fun part

It’s meeting with people and getting their jobs set up that he enjoys the most. He is surprised that this is the niche that he loves because he never thought of himself as a “people person” or “extrovert” before.

I asked Jordan if clients are surprised that GoodeGuy can remodel a kitchen in 5 days. “Sometimes they make a joke about it, like, you’re going to get this done in 5 days? And I say, well, we’ve done it hundreds of times before. Yes, we will get it done on time, on budget, satisfaction guaranteed.”

When a renovation is complete, and he walks through with the homeowners to make sure everything meets their expectations, he says it’s great to see their reactions. “We make sure our clients are satisfied with every aspect of the project.”

Some good advice

I asked Jordan what he would say to someone who is thinking about hiring a contractor to remodel their home. “You’ve probably heard stories of remodeling jobs taking a lot of time and money. Don’t be afraid and put it off. We have an organized and efficient process that works with your budget and saves time.”

Now, after over 1,000 projects completed in Lincoln, clients are returning for additional work, recommending their family and friends, and leaving glowing reviews. GoodeGuy is changing the way clients think about building contractors.

Today, when you contact GoodeGuy, you will get a call back from one of the “Goode Guys” – either Scott or Jordan. They are ready to talk with you about what you need and help you come up with a design, a plan, and a finished project you will love

Get in touch with Jordan today!

on time | on budget | satisfaction guaranteed

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