Your kitchen is the heart of your home

There’s never a day when you don’t spend time in the kitchen.

At GoodeGuy Construction we understand how important the kitchen is to everyone in your home. In the morning, it’s the place to get coffee, make breakfast, and discuss plans for the day. In the evenings, we gather in the kitchen to get dinner started, talk about our day, and work on homework or respond to emails. It’s where we hang out together.

Some say that the kitchen has become the “new living room.” It’s where we have conversations, entertain guests, and get things done.

There is always work to do in the kitchen. Dishes to rinse and wash. Counters to wipe. Vegetables to wash. Leftovers to pack up. Groceries to put away. We come back to the kitchen throughout the day to take care of so many things.

During the holidays, the kitchen gets a lot of use. It is where the yummy smells and best memories linger. We pull out special recipes, give the kids room to measure and mix, and plate up appetizers and goodies for family and guests. 

Make 2023 the year for a new kitchen

Did you know GoodeGuy Construction can renovate a kitchen in just 3-5 days? The crew has helped hundreds of families in Lincoln Nebraska update their homes with new designs. Cabinets and islands. Flooring and lighting. Whatever you need to update your space. And they are serious about doing it in 3 days!

Is 2023 the time to schedule your kitchen reno? Get in touch so we can schedule a free consultation. | 402-435-6893

In the meantime, try these tips for decluttering your kitchen

Becky Harris at Houzz writes about decluttering with images of gorgeous kitchen designs. Take note of them and decide which ones you want to bring to your home.

Kitchen Cabinets

Make your kitchen beautiful inside and out just one cabinet at a time. It doesn’t have to be a week-long project – just tackle one area at a time and enjoy the transformation! Follow these 10 easy steps to get started.

Kitchen Drawers

Making sure you have what you need, near where you need it, is key to an efficient kitchen. Look around and make notes about how you might re-organize or declutter, so you aren’t shuffling through needless gadgets when all you need is a potato peeler. Becky Harris has some ideas for reorganizing those kitchen drawers.

The Pantry

Having a clean and organized space for food and appliances gives you the gift of clear countertops! Harris jokes that only buying items with red and white labels is the way to make your pantry look orderly! See her tips for getting the pantry back in order — in just a few hours.

By Gwen Hersha for GoodeGuy Construction Inc.

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