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It’s time to introduce Eric Johnson, of GoodeGuy Construction. I talked with him recently about his role with the company, what he enjoys about his job, and how remarkable it is that he will complete 22 years of service with GoodeGuy this year.

In December of 2022, Eric Johnson will celebrate 22 years with GoodeGuy Construction, Inc. His role has shifted over the years, the business location has changed, the size of the crew has increased, and the volume of work is greater than ever, but the most important things have stayed the same. Twenty-two years later, Eric Johnson is grateful to be working with people that are easy to get along with, he finds reward in serving homeowners, and still has fun on the job.

Eric Johnson

Project Manager, GoodeGuy Construction, Inc.

Eric is the project manager for GoodeGuy Construction, Inc. He self-describes his role as “whatever I can do to take the load off Scott.” This means he makes sure that every job is finished well, the crew has the material they need when they need it, and any follow-up warranty work gets taken care of right away. One of his favorite parts of the job is talking with the homeowners. Sometimes, he says, surprises come up — and a decision needs to be made about how to proceed. He enjoys this interaction with the homeowners and makes it his goal to make sure they are happy.

Eric and his wife have a daughter and two sons. They have been married for almost as long as Eric has worked for GoodeGuy Construction. His oldest son had the opportunity to work with him for a few summers. “He got to experience a few late nights when we didn’t get home until 8 or 9pm.” Eric says the experience on a work crew has helped his son build a strong work ethic.

Easy to get along with

Eric hasn’t always worked for GoodeGuy Construction, so he is aware that not every crew is enjoyable to be around. One of the best parts about this company, he says, is that everyone is so easy to get along with. “Scott is just a good guy to work for—he takes care of you,” he says. “He always puts family first – so if there is something going on at home that requires time off or an adjustment in the work day – he makes sure it happens without question.”

The contractors that GoodeGuy Construction hires to handle plumbing and electrical work are also great to work with, Eric says. Remarkably, these contractors have been around for years as well. Shout out to The Plumber and JCM Electric!

Satisfaction goes both ways

Eric enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done. And he especially finds it rewarding to experience the reactions of the homeowners when the job is complete. “It’s always great to see how happy the homeowners are when they come back to the house when the project is complete. Usually, they just can’t believe it. I’ve heard so many clients say: ‘I know this is what Scott said it would look like; but I just didn’t really believe it was possible!’”

And if there is something not quite to their liking – Eric makes sure it gets resolved. “That’s one thing GoodeGuy does really well. We make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with their projects. And if something goes wrong with a product; we handle it and make sure it gets fixed.”

Demo fun

If a camera crew were following us around, we would be famous!

-Eric Johnson

I asked Eric to talk about a time the crew had some good fun on the job. He knew right away the story he wanted to share! He stood on one side of a wall that they were in the process of removing — while one of the guys on the other side of the wall ran between the exposed studs into the layer of drywall. The fun part is that Eric captured it on video and they still laugh about it today. I’m guessing the clip is on par with some of the antics we’ve watched on Fixer Upper!

Twenty-two years is a long time

When you consider that the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics released a statement this month “…the median number of years that wage and salary workers had been with their current employer was 4.1 years in January 2022…”, it is remarkable to find an employee who is committed to helping a business succeed over 2 decades. And in the construction business, the rate of tenure is consistently low. Kudos to you, Eric! GoodeGuy Construction appreciates you!

Give GoodeGuy Construction a call (402) 435-6893 and see what Eric and the crew can do for your home.

By Gwen Hersha for GoodeGuy Construction Inc.

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